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Auto Accident Injuries

Dr. DeLucchi is well recognized for successfully treating patients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. Following an accident, Dr. DeLucchi utilizes spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and strengthening exercises to restore functional mobility, eliminate pain and inflammation, and realign the spine. Even in a mild, low impact accident, the body can develop long term…

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Muscoskeletal And Tension Headaches Causes And Cures

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS TAKEN FROM A CONVERSATIONAL INTERVIEW BETWEEN DR. CRAIG TUTTLE, D.C. AND JEFF GORDON PARKER Hi. This is Dr. Craig Tuttle. Today’s subject is headaches. Two of the most common types of headaches are musculoskeletal headaches, which are also referred to as tension headaches. And also, there are migraine headaches which is…

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How To Handle The 3 Causes Of Stress

How to Combat Stress As we’ve discussed in other articles, stress is something that we all experience in our lives. But in order to be healthy, we need a plan to manage and deal with that stress before it gets the best of us. Managing stress is all about living a healthy lifestyle. In this…

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