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If you've seen my videos on TikTok, KOMO News, or featured in the Seattle Times then you know I'm the real deal. I'm here to help you get the life you want instead of complaining to yourself (or your partner) each day and hoping the pain or discomfort will go away.

For the Next Week, I'm Giving Away 50 Vouchers for Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment including a Detailed Spine and Nervous System Examination, Postural Assessment, Health History Consultation, and X-rays (if necessary) with the purchase of a $55 Full Body Adjustment. (Normally a $300 value!) 

So if you're tired of being in pain and ready to make a change then fill out the form below. Then I will text you a voucher and drop you directly on my schedule so we can figure out exactly what you need to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

**All though all are welcome, this voucher excludes federal and state funded programs including Medicare, VA, Auto Accidents, and Worker compensation injuries 

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Common Questions

  • Yes, this is real. It's $55 for everything above.
  • No, It's not weird going to a chiropractor that you found on TikTok. (It's like online dating 10yrs ago. It just doesn't feel normal yet.)
  • Yes, I have treated thousands of patients and will give you personalized treatment.
  • No, I don't TikTok dance, I make educational videos to keep you healthy!
  • Yes, I'm the one who will be treating you - Dr. DeLucchi [email protected]
If you've read this far then you should just probably just schedule above. (Since TikTok's algorithm put you here.)