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Patient Results

“In 1999 I suffered a severe torn rotator cuff and torn biceps tendon requiring over four hours of surgery.  After several failed attempts at clinical and home rehabilitation I met Dr. Craig Tuttle and within two months I had 85 to 90% range of motion with no pain and was back working out better than before.  Thanks Doc for all your help!”
Michael Stanton, Former Seattle Mariners Pitcher

“I have not been sick in the 4+ years that I have been seeing Dr. Tuttle due to my improved immune system!”
Nancy G. Stephenson, Healthy Patient


“Making these routine visits to Dr. Tuttle for preventive maintenance has really enhanced the quality of our lives as a family. We have not only stayed healthier with experiencing less sickness but have been able to juggle and handle the extreme stress and pressures associated with our jobs and schedules.
Thanks Craig for educating us and making a difference!”
Jack And Stephanie Lee, Responsible Parents

“My various workouts require me to be healthy and pain-free–running, acrobatics, capoeira, and flying trapeze. I rely on the excellent work of Dr. Tuttle and his staff to keep me at my best.”
Jodi Andrews, Life Enthusiast

“He has always been very informative and accommodating.  My positive experience with him gave me the confidence to refer many of my own patients and family members to him for a number of different ailments from migraines, fibromyalgia, torticollis to the common neck and back aches.”
Stacy Pel, LMP, Owner of First Hand Massage

“My pregnancy was quite wonderful due to regular chiropractic treatments and my son has always enjoyed his adjustments and I have seen the benefits from the first one at 2 weeks old.
Thank you for your education and chiropractic care, I couldn’t live well without it!”
Sara, Proud Mother

“Finally, an opportunity arrives where I can tell you and others how outstanding you are as a chiropractor. I have and will continue to highly recommend you to anyone in need of a gifted chiropractor.”
Susanne Tsoming, Healthy Patient

“I was having daily migraines, and muscle pain. I am convinced that without chiropractic adjustments I would have become totally bedridden and probably even died. Due to constant chiropractic adjustments and massage I have become much more stable.”
Stella E., Happy Patient

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